The Point at Sand Beach

For the events that desire a level of privacy, the Point at Sand Beach is the perfect location. This private event venue is located less than half a mile up the road from the Springside Inn’s main building. This historic church is a dream location for your wedding ceremony, baby shower or small reception.

With its stunning brick exterior, rich hardwood floors, and gracefully arched windows, The Point at Sand Beach exudes a timeless elegance that sets the perfect backdrop for any occasion.

Let the sophisticated charm of The Point at Sand Beach inspire your vision and create unforgettable memories for you and your guests.

The Point’s rich historic background is part of its appeal and translates gorgeously into photographs. The structure was built in 1854-55 on site of an original frame church that was constructed in 1807. In 1935 there was a fire that destroyed the interior completely, fortunately the exterior remained mostly intact with significant damage only occurring to the bell tower and roof. When the interior of the building was reconstructed after the fire, great care was taken to emulate the original design as much as possible.

The original structure that stood on the location of The Point was constructed by the Dutch Reformed Church. The church went through a variety of pastors until Rev. Samuel Robbins Brown accepted his position in 1851 whom spent 8 years serving the Fleming Congregation. During his time he had the church rebuilt as a Romanesque Revival style building with a bell tower and stained glass windows. He also founded a boarding school, which is now the main building at the Springside Inn. In 1859 he left the Auburn area to serve in Japan where he is widely respected as an educator.

In 1975 The Point at Sand Beach was entered into the National Register of Historic Places.